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We wake up daily with a lot of questions. We go to bed daily with a lot of questions. Each day we wonder why do we do what we do, why do we need the things we strive for.

Our appointment platform is one more question on your mind when it’s bed time. However; not another question which will go without an answer.

You see, at Staxy we truly strive to make our business as transparent as possible, not only so our clients would exactly know how they are achieving their dreams by working with us but also for us internally to understand are our processes truly the best and which parts could deserve an upgrade.

While we were building our appointment solution, we thought about our partners. We talked with them. We’ve done some internal analysis and made a valid point that businesses use pre-made solutions which they pay monthly for mainly cause they do not have a clue how to start their own.

Let’s roll a scenario out

Imagine a moment in your day when you had a brilliant idea but due to inability to write it down in the very moment you risked losing it forever.

That idea maybe went as: “Online appointment scheduling platform where people can book any service that I offer from any place they are at any time they want”

Okay. Let’s talk about that idea.

When you google for softwares which you can use to give you a booking solution immediately with minimal setup it’ll be $50 or so per month up to couple hundreds if you’d like unlimited booking appointments.

You’re business is located on You’ve connected Stripe. You’ve added your staff and employees. You’ve added your logo. Your pre-defined website is now done. DONE!

All that sounds pretty darn amazing for $50, right?

Society has become an amazing bunny in a bag magicians. We’re all prone to draining the max out of those which are the hardest working folks out there.

– Stefan Stax

As I said back in day, we are prone to drain the max out of our users. That’s where Staxy comes in.

Bunny in a bag

First of all let me explain to you why system presented above is a bunny in a bag scenario.

Maybe it’ll be better if I present the following in a list:

You rent a fraction of a space on someone’s platform. *Works only if you pay;

You gotta trust how they’ve setup their search engine optimisation. *Basic setup most of the time;

You have basic customization options. *87% of booking platforms have pretty firm and fixed looks. Therefore your business looks alike 95% of other businesses;

You have to pay more and more if you’d like more basic options. *100% of Booking platforms work by package system. Which leads to paying more and more for same basic set of features you should have from the beginning.

You don’t have an option to modify anything! *You rent a space. You don’t get to play the boss.

Above said is only a fraction of what we feel you’re being shortsighted on. You’ve being used voluntarily as a piece of someone’s puzzle.

You push their traffic.

You promote their services meanwile what do you get? A piece of the smallest cake ever?

I dislike or more-so stand behind not needing to opinionate someone’s system in order to push your own. At the same time I’m feeling the urge for businesses to understand how they are knee-caping their potential by accepting bunny in a bag scenario.

You’ve heard enough! Let’s talk.

If you’re currently paying for such service and you would like to talk about your options. Please fill the form below.

Website Makeover – Inquiry
SmoothSchedule Appointment & Event Management Website
Platform Infrastructure

I’ll start by saying that we offer not maybe but top 3 website infrastructure on the market. We have numbers to back this up.


Our support is not anything you’ve seen or experienced so far. If you do not form a strong bond with us, our whole team is going to group therapy.


We are very flexible on your desires. At the end it’s your business and you should have a qualified partner to help you run it and help out in various ways not limit you in any.


There’s a lot of talk on security. We don’t talk we make it happen. Whole infrastructure is dedicated for you. Resources. WAF. CGI. Cashing. We do not bunk 50 websites on a light server. We make a server explicitly for you and your vision.


We made sure to equip all our clients with top tier tools so they can scale faster while keeping quality. Becoming a client of ours you claim 7+ premium tools which financially means you’re saving tad bit over $1.000 a year. Imagine re-investing that into ads, wink wink.

Why Appointment Website?

We’ve done our due diligence. We know how many businesses are depending on some platform to make their business visible. We stand behind our statement that “No business ever should be depending on another’s success”.

You have to build a maintainable network. You must not depend on anyone. Your vision needs to have the ability to expand in any direction you want not be limited by someone’s design, functions or else.

Our vision is to build a wide range of infrastructural platforms which will help you scale legit from nothing to something. Without limits. Without excuses. With commitment and companionship. Together.


Now we’re talking. We’ve came to the part where we got to show our words instead of just writing them.

We actually made an entirely functional demo to showcase it directly to you.

You will see a “Receive Presentation” button somewhere on the middle, fill your email and link to presentation will be sent straight to your inbox.

We’re offering double down knowledge on why you will become the most modern and profitable business in your neighborhood and area.

All leads down to the right price, right?

We know having a business is expensive. We also do know that sometimes what people call risk is actually an investment.

We made sure funds that our clients invest into having their own systems will benefit them a great deal with mutual companionship. If you were to put that into numbers. Just one of our clients made €150.000 this year alone using our E-Learning platform and gained over 11.000 new members using our Community platform.

We’re not playing cat and mouse game. Truth to be told, we actually cheery-pick who to work with as we’re looking for clients to grow with them through our 4 step platform process for them to become Enterprise Magnus .


I’m proud of you reaching this part. Well done! I’m soo excited of your becoming what you dreamt of last night. Good times are expecting those who work for it; thankfully in your case you got me and my team. Staxy nurtures winners and winners conquer the later.

Tallk soon.

Trust in Staxy.

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