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About Staxy

We’re not Amazon…

Staxy as a name may not mean much other than just another cool name. We’re not Mc Donalds to be recognized by the M. We’re not Amazon to be recognized by the arrow. We’re not Apple to recognize us by being bitten.

Before I get to who we are, let me tell you a quick story first, if I may?

Picture this scenario:

You came home from work, hour later than you planned; it’s pouring rain outside. You got to feed your dog, you got to make a dinner for yourself, sadly; ketchup is missing. At that moment, that ketchup made you break into pieces and rage.

Work that day was tough, plenty of irrelevant tasks that people dramatized into a big fuss and yet all you wanted was to have an honest day work and when you get home you wanted to have some time for yourself to continue building your pet business.

Rather, you have negative energy piled up from work, you got to run to the store to grab groceries, dog is barking, asking for food.

As a man to man, or man to a woman, I would love for you to have a partner in this moment to offer you support, sadly, that’s not always the case.

I understand this struggle.

Staxy is what then?

Staxy is an agency that may not be your romantic partner but can offer to be your business partner in all the cheerful but also challenging moments. I and We are so much more than a fancy website, logo, revenue.

Staxy offers a place where an every-day human can feel safe and inspired to talk about their business vision, talk about struggles they face, talk about difficulties one expects in the business world.

Staxy later as We is an agency but above that we’re humans that primarily want to establish relationships with it’s clients, kick that word out of the door, we want to establish friendships.

In our years working for with clients friends abroad we learnt that the only way we can get the job truly done, long-term, is to form a strong bond.

It’s not all about chasing a dime, chasing that traffic, chasing to show your ex look at what I’ve become. Sometimes it got to be for just us.

Our partners, agencies we partnered with, each of them have their own way of thinking how to handle clients. I often think being big is bad as you lose the original prime idea why you went into the business altogether.

My biggest fear is once Staxy goes big in numbers I’ll lose the idea I had from Day 0 when the whole brand was drawn on a napkin.

Even though that day may be far or close away, I have to think about it before time, not because I consider myself as an overthinker even though that is the case, rather as I would like to be ready and make plans ahead of time.

How are we different than other agencies?

We don’t like to compare. It has no point other than measuring whose…

We offer exclusive service to clients which are looking to scale their business from nothing to something. All our personal phone numbers, whether it’s WhatsApp, Telegram are being given to people that decide to work with us.

Our approach is severely different than anything you’ve experienced so far. Foundation of our success lies in ability to commit and dedicate our time to truly make a change and help businesses scale further with innovative platforms.

We provide extreme technology innovative approach, next to recognition in tech field we also breath energy and positivity.

If I say one of our clients reached 1.000.000 impressions on Google this year, next to astonishing €150.000,00 in revenue, I would say there’s got to be a lot of things we do right.

1.000.000 Impressions
150.000 in Revenue

Every member in Staxy team is before anything a person with flaws. Flaws are something we work on literally every day, the ground rule number one in the office is that we need to take care of our health and well-being among non-traditional thinking.

That approach grants us with fresh ideas for work and that vibe grants us with energy and positivity to approach each business from a different angle.

I’m not saying we’re Greek Gods, however; we take proud in our routines and being better on a daily basis as humans. We may not require extreme abs to join the team as Andy ( if you’re looking for elite sales training feel free to check Elliott Group ) requires although one day we may reach that requirement if we see that’s making our team chemistry even higher.

How can we work with you?

We offer a package, we call: Enterprise Magnus other than a fancy name, it actually means a lot.

Enterprise Magnus is a four step process that in somewhat ideal situations lasts 2-3 years in a more realistic situation it might take 4-6 years.

Step I: Appointment & Event Management System

We’ve done some research and realized that huge amount of businesses are being controlled by a platform offering to give them space on it for a dynamic monthly fee.

While that is helping their business make revenue of some kind, here’s why it’s actually bunny in a hat scenario.

  • Your reach is extremely limited.
  • Your traffic on Google depends on how the source platform is set.
  • You give revenue away by each transaction due to massive fees.
  • Your look & feel is limited as to how the platform allows you.
  • Platform goes down, your business goes down.
  • Your features are limited to what platform gives you.

List goes on an on…

To learn about other 3 steps…

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Exclusive List

Leave information below to receive instant access to view our websites.

We strongly believe in our plan that we have to protect it for only interested folkes. Whole process has been extremely thought through and through in order to be sure businesses that are willing to go full in, will extremely get a full rewards that come with this plan.

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