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Webshop website with 0% fees in 2024

Having your own business, something that you think about at night, talk with your friends, speak about on events is what makes it more appealing. I believe it'll makes us a better parent, better co-worker, better boss, better friend, more self-aware.
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Webshop Website intro. First understand.

E-commerce platform in 2023, a lot of us had an idea of launching something. We get so caught up in our own worlds that we often forget and simply put under the rug our vision to start something.

I was sitting with a couple buddies of mine couple of days ago, we’re in the process of starting a new commerce business and we’re jotting down obligations, notes, stuff we need before we get the show on the road.

In those moments, I was thinking about you and made me realise one thing. Wast majority of us give up cause we don’t have proper support to see something till the end. Wast majority of us, wish we only have at least one person to back us up or work with us.

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I’ll be honest with you. Time goes, there’s no right time certain things happen they just do, with that being said…

Starting a business is difficult, challenging. I believe every single being should start their own business at some point in their lives.


Having your own business, something that you think about at night, talk with your friends, speak about on events is what makes it more appealing. I believe it’ll makes us a better parent, better co-worker, better boss, better friend, more self-aware.

If we had a business idea that we’re thinking about right now at this very moment accomplished, how proud and ambitious would we feel to keep moving forward?

Why are we offering this?

Some of us want to start a pet clothing business, Some of us had this idea almost a year ago. Over the course of time, we’ve tried googling although with no success. We’ve had to do everything ourselves. Find suppliers, find products, record videos, write blog. Do courses to understand how technology works. OVERWHELMING.

It doesn’t have to be.

Staxy is a concierge service. We offer the most friendly business approach you’ll truly ever receive. Our mission is to help small to medium size businesses scale with our innovative platforms. Platforms with who you’ll receive our support in all aspects. Recording videos, looking for suppliers, finding companies to assist in production. Creating a color palette, creating a logo and more.

We’re offering you a platform and a partner which will make your business not-overwhelming. We’ve been there. Our founder had been there. There are so many business models out there and we researched all of them. That’s why we made a decision to help others kick-start their ideas cause we want them to succeed. We want you to make that end goal, your vision accomplished. Your ideas matter and we’re putting ourselves out there with you to scale and grow together.

We know it sucks when you have no-one to turn to and you spend weeks googling and nothing to reap at the end of that journey.

Our vision with this model is to scale and grow together. Reality is if you do not succeed, we’ll bleed funds. Our system only works if business we’re working with is growing.

Our system is circular. We’re re-investing funds gained into improving and adding to the platforms we craft. That’s why all new functionalities, and upgrades we’re adding to our platform can arrive at your own for free for as long as we’re talking.

With that being said, are you ready to hear more?
Website Makeover – Inquiry
Why our E-Commerce platform?

Think about this:

Platform where you can add unlimited amount of products.

Platform where you can add unlimited amount of discounts, coupons and not restricted by a package.

Staxy takes 0% fees on all transactions done through the platform.

Where you have an option to request any type of a design or functional change and truly make your online presence exactly how you want it to be.

Where any question you have doesn’t go through a support ticket rather direct messaging.

Where your business is not a cog rather a machine.

It’s pretty exciting thinking about this, right?

We know that shops have various suppliers today. Whether someone’s business is in drop-shipping, crafting, outsourcing, or other we’ve planned ahead of time to be ready for any and all business models. To stand behind our words, we’ll assist you in locating suppliers for products which you wish to produce.

If you’re thinking about adding supplier network with affiliate structure, our Affiliate platform is coming soon! Which will be an add-on for our E-Commerce platform but also work with any and all of our 4 step platforms which we’re offering therefore providing you the ultimate affiliate platform to be used for many of your own businesses.

With our HCF we’re ready to tackle your challenges and aid you in scaling your shop further and farther.

Our early adopters, a Netherland company Aprifume is more than satisfied with how their shop turned out and they have already started selling their brand new perfume there!

Not too far from them; another company GardenLiving is also on the verge to migrate to our E-Commerce platform and scale farther their drop-shipping business.

What is HCF?

HFC is referred as High Converting Features. Those are features which are globally recognized as techniques which are led to higher purchase rate, higher interest in user experience and similar interactions.

Some of those when it comes to our platform are:

Product Bundles, cause who doesn’t like joint shopping.

Quantity Discount, cause who doesn’t like get rewards.

Shoppable Images, add tags to product images & shorten purchasing process

Sale Countdown Timer, cause urgency is what sells in 2023.

Product 360 Degree, cause we love to see something from more than one angle.

Multi Vendor, cost effective system to connect busi…

Learn all features by getting in touch with us
Website Makeover – Inquiry
You’re probably wondering about the price?

If I can assume you’re probably thinking about a price. Our prices are crafted per client. Set of additional features, number of pages, product import et cetera. We’re not mass selling, our platforms are being used by companies and personal businesses which are looking to scale using our 4 step platform business model.

All platforms are 0% fee packed. Unlimited earning potential and best of it is that you get Staxy concierge to work alongside for your growth as a truly dedicated partner.

You have a form above, take action before another year goes away, jot down your email and we’ll contact you. Contact me.


That’s all from us for the time being. Don’t overthink much, reap benefit from investing in your next e-commerce idea, don’t let it sit for another year. Let’s work together and make some proud decisions and memories.

We go by a motto, “Good people know good people“. We pay extremely well our referrals. If you came across this blog and you might have an idea who can benefit from this, feel free to share the article or send their email directly to us, we’ll do the rest. We’ll need information from you in order to send you funds if your connection leads to a successful collaboration.

Trust in Staxy.

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