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How to migrate WordPress website and database in a click using Shipper in 2024

Wordpress Website Migration With Staxy Hub
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At this point you have probably spent a lot of time looking for a reliable plugin to do a simple job of migrating WordPress website and database in a click, without any fuss.

This blog post will tell you exactly how to do it using a tool which is provided through Staxy hosting for free.

Recently I needed to make some changes on this very website and I, myself was thinking how can I do it without wasting too much time on making sure whether migration was successful.

All Staxy clients, or so all hosting clients receive a significant amount of professional tools for free, that is our token for choosing our premier hosting packages ( which received numerous awards).

I as a developer myself know what a pain in the butt migrations can be. Last year I had to migrate a website whose database only was a couple of gb’s, that took ages! Each time!

I used a tool called Updraft, which does a fair job, but it always seemed un-trustworthy as something was always missing, some time it was a plugin, some time it was images which was extremely valuable for our course system and I simply couldn’t afford playing with that tool anymore.

Overall Updraft seems to be a great choice for many and while it did the job for me, well 80% of it, UI that plugin has and price of it wasn’t justified for my case.

Now, I’m using a tool called Shipper Pro as I previously stated, choosing any of our hosting packages and being a Staxy client you get access to use this tool and many other absolutely for free.

That’s essentially saying do you want to migrate your website for a affordable fee and have access to scale your website in unlimited ways for no extra fee, that’s like one in a lifetime offer, right?

Anyhow. off to describe how Shipper works.

Shipper – Features

All aside, before you see the features nothing matters, let me walk you through the list

Migrate your WP sites with easeAPI or package migration
Add or exclude files, folders, database tables Migrate subsites to single sites
24/7 export live WordPress supportAccess every Staxy Pro plugin
Automate site management with Staxy HubMigrate single site
Package migrationAPI based migration
Source and destination system check before migrationFind and replace automatic function
Exclude files from migrationLarge file detection
Only files migrationOnly database migration
Secure migration file through password protectionDetailed migration logs
Final migration file size checkRestore site anywhere with a script installer.php file
Migrate subsite from a network to a standalone installationFilter trash out, exclude spam comments, revisions, inactive themes and plugins
Extra security step preventing migration without authorization“Safe Mode” package migrations
*Everything that is marked with BLUE means you can use only in PRO version.
Staxy clients, lately love the following…

Find and replace database tool is probably the life savior for majority of websites as sometimes during migration not everything gets replaced well and some functionality will either be broken, disappearing images or simply redirection still takes you back to the old website.

With our Find and replace database addition, you have nothing to worry about. Primarily migration will automatically perform that function where old website url is replaced with the new one.

If you’d like to replace also some strings such as “Built with: XXX” you can do it as well in all places in a single click.

Second, replacing multi-site with a single site instances is also an addition our clients love!

Thirdly, our system uses a safe transfer which means it’ll always look for strong and safe connection before any transfer is being done, this prevents files not being sent in full which would provoke issue on the destination website.

If you’re relocating a big, BIG website, you can also use our export package tool and use a program such as File Zilla or any other FTP software to manually upload package onto the destination website.

You will also receive a full installation guide which will guide you step to step what needs to be done, it’s extremely friendly and you do not need any tech knowledge.

If you’re Staxy client, this will be done on your behalf for free.

How do you migrate WordPress website through Staxy Hub?

Step 1 – Choose which website are you migrating

Using Staxy HUB it’s extremely easy to pick and choose between all of your websites.

List Of Websites On Staxy Hub

On your new hub, all websites associated with you will appear and you can choose any of them to migrate, backup, do pretty much whatever you may want.

Please keep in mind that each website will require it’s own hosting judging we’re doing dedicated instances only, no website will be able to share files with one another.

Using this approach you’re maximizing your protection online.

If you have a question so far regarding hosting packages or generally regarding Shipper, feel free to write it down below. We’ll reply in 24 hours max.

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Step 2 – Install Shipper Pro on the website

Through Staxy hub you can install our dedicated tools, or any other tool available on WordPress plugin repository on multiple websites at once.

Bulk Plugin Install On Staxy Hub

*If you have a couple of websites hosted through Staxy you will be able to install plugins on all of them at the same time which saves you tons of time!

After installing the plugin we can move to a more practical moves.

Step 3 – How does it look?

Let me show you what can you see post plugin activation.

Shipper Overview On Staxy Website Illustration Presented On Staxy Concierge

*Feel free to click on the photo to expand it.

Here you will see Package Migration, API Migration.

As I previously stated, Package migration is to be done if you wish to migrate using your FTP software and API migration should be used if you wish you click Export and take a lunch while system does everything for you.

For the sake of this post we’ll use the API migration as we aim to save maximum time for our clients.

To mention, here you will also see logs, last migration time and other details which you may need at some point in the future.

Judging we have just installed a plugin on one of our websites, such information is not yet available.

Step 4 – API Migration

Our API migration uses a API driven approach when migrating. What does it mean?

API driven approach means there is no load on your server hence you do not have to handle anything manually. This approach may take longer than Package migration, however if you want one click job done, this is for you.

Shipper Pro Api Migration On Staxy Website Illustration Presented On Staxy Concierge
Step 5 – API Authentication

As I previously said, each API migration will require an authentication confirmation before any steps can be done, this ensures that only approved actions will be performed.

No one can clone your website and steal your information without your master password which only you know.

Migration Authentication Illustration Presented On Staxy Concierge

*Certain information has been hidden for privacy reason.

Once we’re all clear and we’ve been authenticated, we can begin the process of migrating!

Step 6 – Who are we migrating over?

At this step you’re choosing which website should get over-run with your current website. Please keep in mind that you can only migrate to the websites which are added to your Staxy Hub.

Choose Migration Destination By Staxy
Step 7 – Pick & Choose

Pick and Choose step is ideal to see what kind of files, database tables or other you wish to ignore during the migration process. You can also follow our instructions to ignore whole folder sets and more.

File Exclusion During Migration Illustration Presented On Staxy Concierge
Step 8 – Whose database prefix are we using?

Database prefix is used to identify your database tables. Default WordPress database prefix is stx_off_ which is known to attackers therefore the same should be avoided.

Majority of hosting providers including Staxy Hub uses automatic appointment in case you’re don’t want to use your own, this makes sure no website contains the same database prefix which would open them up to a potential risk of an attack.

Database Prefix Picker Illustration Presented On Staxy Concierge
Step 9 – We are ready!

Without waiting any further, your website is ready for migration. As we used API migration in this tutorial, he’s the final message you will receive before the process begins.

Final Checkup Migration By Staxy

Judging the website size is astonishing 407 MB, and Migration estimation is around 52 minutes, you can also pick Package Migration which will be done faster and it will require FTP knowledge. Keep in mind that Shipper will provide a detailed UI for migrating the website even if you use package migration.

Process will automatically begin after pressing “BEGIN MIGRATION”, worthy say is that if you wish to cancel the migration mid-way you might need to restore destination website to a previous point in time judging mid-way certain files have already started relocating and therefore destination folder structure has been already altered.

Why should you migrate with Shipper?

Website migration is considered to be a best and most effective way to per-se clone a website with minimum work.

There are various tools which would assist you in this task. WordPress plugin repository probably has over 100 if not thousand plugins which will perform this, so what is the difference between our Shipper versus all of those other plugins?

Believe this would be best answered from a financial angle.

If you use any other plugin you will most likely pay between $29 – $69 price range per year. And you will only acquire that single plugin.

When you become Staxy client and migrate your website to our dedicated client infrastructure you receive this plugin and many other absolutely for free.

Staxy as consulting agency based in United Kingdom provides various business tools next to hosting so we truly would be a one-stop shop for all businesses looking to improve their online presence.

I don’t need to highlight Shipper as a plugin which does premium service over other plugins, I find it extremely reliable for my business judging all Staxy clients are using Shipper to migrate their websites therefore I know my team and my clients sleep extremely well at night knowing this part brings no fuss at all. It gets the job done.

Next to financial angle, we have One House explanation meaning that all tools which you receive by becoming a client are all visible on your personalized dashboard where you can control them on every website you have on Staxy hub.

Consider it like your personalized hub where all information is accessible at one place. Staxy saves your time, cause we value the business you’re doing and we value you, personally.

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How much does migration cost?

Migration is free, but not only that, If you decide to relocate your website to our premium hosting you will also gain access to all our website tools which saves you right about $1.200,00 in fees over the year.

Do I get support?

Yes, you’ll receive our official phone number which you can message at any time, alongside our email which is dedicated to only our clients which guarantees you’ll receive expedited support, whenever you need it.

Can I pay for hosting monthly?

Of course! We don’t believe in yearly contracts therefore, come whenever you want, leave whenever you want.