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How to get best hosting possible? High Frequency Hosting.

High Frequency Hosting Offered By Staxy

Experience a new level of hosting performance with our cutting-edge High Frequency hosting plans. Designed to revolutionise your website’s speed and reliability, these plans are a game-changer in the world of managed hosting.

  1. What sets our High Frequency plans apart from the rest?
  2. How do they deliver unmatched power and performance?
  3. And why should you consider upgrading to High Frequency Hosting?
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In this article, we’ll provide all the answers as we delve into the details of these high-octane creations and put them to the ultimate test.

Staxy works only with the best. You can check how our partner compares to other hosting companies. All our platforms are located on WPMUDEV hosting and due to our partnership, you can acquire any hosting plan of their at the exclusive price only Staxy clients receive.

Staxy Hosting is officially launching by the end of February. You can ask any questions you may have by filling the sign-up form below.

Let’s dive in and explore the key aspects of High Frequency Hosting:

Introducing HFH – High Frequency Hosting

While we’ve introduced numerous plans over the years, our High Frequency plans are in a league of their own. With a unique hardware setup, they are engineered to handle heavy traffic loads, execute tasks at lightning speed, and deliver exceptional performance.

Here’s a glimpse of the cutting-edge technology that powers our High Frequency plans:

3GHz+ Intel Xeon CPUs

Our High Frequency plans harness the power of blazing-fast 3GHz+ Intel Xeon processors. These processors are specifically designed to deliver unparalleled performance for websites that demand nothing but the best. Compared to standard CPUs that typically operate within the 2GHz range, our High Frequency CPUs offer a significant performance boost.

NVMe SSD storage

To complement the lightning-fast CPU speed, we’ve incorporated NVMe SSD storage into our High Frequency plans. Unlike regular SSD storage, NVMe SSDs match the enhanced CPU throughput, ensuring seamless data transfer and storage capabilities. This powerful combination creates a high-performance architecture that effortlessly handles increasing requests while maintaining reliability.

Benefits of HFH

By upgrading to our High Frequency Hosting plans, you can enjoy an array of benefits:

  1. Enhanced User Experiences: With superior CPU and disk performance, your website visitors will experience smoother and faster browsing sessions. Say goodbye to slow loading times and hello to seamless user experiences, with minimal downtime and disruption.
  2. Seamless Scalability: Our High Frequency servers are designed to accommodate the growing demands of your website effortlessly. As your website traffic increases, you can easily scale your hosting resources without any hassle. Plan upgrades are also simple and cost-effective, ensuring your website is always equipped to handle high traffic volumes.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Prove that your customers are truly the most important to you. By investing into high frequency plans you’re making a safe bet that your business runs way smoother than all of your competitors combined.

Putting High Frequency to the Test

Before introducing our High Frequency plans to the world, we conducted rigorous tests to ensure they lived up to their promises. Expert hosting team over at WPMUDEV performed comprehensive tests in two critical categories: CPU performance and disk performance. Let’s take a closer look at the results:

CPU Performance: High Frequency vs. Regular Hosting
To evaluate CPU performance, we simulated multiple users visiting our website’s cached and uncached home pages, as well as adding products to their carts. The tests measured how well each plan handled the increased traffic and the average response time.

Staxy Wpmudev Graph Cachedhome 1 Illustration Presented On Staxy Concierge
Staxy Wpmudev Graph Uncachedhome 1 Illustration Presented On Staxy Concierge
Staxy Wpmudev Graph Cart 1 Illustration Presented On Staxy Concierge

The results were astounding:

  • Cached Home Page Test: High Frequency plans demonstrated a 40-108% increase in requests handled compared to regular plans. The average response time was significantly improved, with Bronze High Frequency outperforming Bronze Regular by half.
  • Uncached Home Page Test: High Frequency plans showed a remarkable 61-126% increase in requests handled. The average response time was substantially reduced, with Bronze High Frequency achieving nearly half the response time of Bronze Regular.
  • Add-to-Cart Simulation Test: High Frequency plans exhibited a 51-108% increase in requests handled. The average response time saw a notable improvement, with Bronze High Frequency boasting a 33.19% speed increase compared to Bronze Regular.

Disk Performance: High Frequency vs. Regular Hosting
To evaluate disk performance, we used the FIO (Flexible I/O) tool to measure random read and write operations on the disk. The tests assessed the read and write speeds of each plan, indicating their upload/download capabilities and database performance.

Staxy Wpmudev Disk Performance 1 Illustration Presented On Staxy Concierge

The results were impressive:

  • Read Speed Test: High Frequency plans showcased a 1.7-2.78x increase in read speed compared to regular plans.
  • Write Speed Test: High Frequency plans demonstrated a remarkable 1.71-2.79x increase in write speed, showcasing their superior performance in data storage and retrieval.

Deploy High Frequency Hosting in Minutes

Are you ready to experience the power, speed, and reliability of High Frequency Hosting? Explore our range of High Frequency plans that offer groundbreaking features and exceptional performance, all at incredible value for buyers and resellers.

With a total of 7 plans that cater to your specific needs, you can easily scale your hosting resources as your website grows.

Every Staxy hosting plan comes with a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring a risk-free experience.

We’re thrilled to present our new range of High Frequency plans, and we can’t wait for you to witness the remarkable improvements they bring to your website’s performance. Get ready for an extraordinary hosting experience, with even more exciting advancements coming in 2024!

Staxy Hosting will be available to European businesses sooner than expacted. We’re expecting a fully operational system to be published and ready for take-off by end of February.

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